The Cane Corso is required to have daily exercise such as walks and a spacious area to run around, they must be SOCIALIZED.

Brief Summary of the

Italian Mastiff:

The Cane Corso is instinctively a guard dog.  Having a strong sense of territory and desiring to be with his family the corso generally stays on his grounds.  With strangers, they are quite aloof and will be suspicious until the person is welcomed by the family.  These dogs don't need any encouragement to be aggressive, they know specifically who and when not to be protective.  They should be socialized starting at young ages.  The Cane Corso are able to judge character without exception, always to discern friend from foe.

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ICCF Registry
  • Large Italian Molosser
  • Close Breed to the Neapolitan Mastiff
  • Stable Guardian, well-tempered
  • Good with Families and surroundings
  • They express strength, agility and endurance
  • Quiet around the house until needed
  • They are NOT fighting dogs but can be dog aggressive
  • Requires and experienced owner who knows how to display a natural authority
  • Suspicious of strangers but wonderful with family

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